Friday, June 3, 2011

Matthew Mainsbridge @ Moochinside

I have been meaning to share this beautiful work displayed in Moochinside for the last couple of weeks. I was really taken by these intricate oil paintings by local artist Matthew Mainsbridge. I wish I had had my camera on that day as more then half his work has been sold since (which is fantastic for him). Yesterday I dropped off Elkhorn's new range of Dahlia wraps into Moochinside and made sure I had my camera in hand.

I did a little google search on Matthew but couldn't find any website which is a shame as he had many other wonderful paintings of washed up seaweed & feathers. I was informed he is also a framer which is why these paintings are finished off so beautifully. He seems to be a man of many talents as he also makes the best coffee at The Fat Goose!


  1. moochinside is one of my favourite stores on the Central Coast and I have seen your work there before. Always lovely to drive out for a visit.
    The art pieces shown and sold always resonate with me. I have the work of Kiera O'Toole, another Central Coast artist who's work I adore.

  2. Hi Katie! I totally agree... Love Mooch. There is nothing like it on the Central Coast. Such a great platform for local artists. I am slowly discovering the many artists/designers in the area, lots of them found through Moochinside. Kiera O'Tooles' work is amazing. I might have to start saving my pennies for some of this wonderful work.

  3. Ha...I'm an old friend of Matt's and was doing a google search for his work and found myself here. I just wanted to add, that his photographic work is exquisite. He has the most amazing eye for beauty. Good to see someone else has posted him.


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