Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Inspiring friends, chairs & markets!

Hello friends.  How are you? Can you believe it's the last day of Winter! Hooray!!
Beautiful day to finish it.
I was graced with the presence of my ole 'Visual Arts' buddy Nina this past weekend. Some time can pass between seeing each other but we're lucky to have one of those friendships that feels like we saw each other only yesterday. When we get together there is always endless chats about arts & crafts and exchanging of ideas from blogs, music & and sillyness. What was meant to be a relaxing crafty weekend for Nina & I, turned into more Elkhorn-esk market, design critic, chair restoration weekend! Nina gave me a fresh perspective on some new designs I've been working on and renewed inspiration for the week. Here's a few snippets from our weekend...

Do you remember the chairs I found on the curb side a few months ago? I have used them a few times now at the Elkhorn stall to display our cushions. I repainted them a off-white/taupey colour when I first found them and then sanded them back slightly. I have revisited them again over the last couple of weeks and decided to sand them again... never sure how far I should go. I started to discover a beautiful under coats of sea green & blue peeking through. Nina reminded me of the quirky chairs I blogged about by Leslie Oschmann and suggested we take it a bit further and the she got to the task of sanding. Turns out each chair has completely different undertones. Sanding is actually very addictive and it's really hard to know when to stop! I took to the sander again today on the bottom left chair. I thought I could possibly sand the seat right back to original wood, leaving only scratches of paint as I don't love the indian red undertones as much as the other chairs... What do you think? Nina I need you back!

Have you seen the beautifully artistic Video clip to Gotye's new song. Nina shared this with me.
Totally addicted and have been listening to the album all week!

Nina did great bringing customers into our Elkhorn Stall at Avoca Beachside Markets on Sunday while entertaining me! It was a relief to have her there as it wasn't the busiest day which can be hard work when you flying solo. I was really happy with how the stall looked, Nino helped me make it look very pretty with sweet touches of hanging flowers and her wonderful presence!

Thanks to my wonderful friend Nina x

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Take a rest at Broke's Bare Natures'kin

Previously at Broke...
I can't let the other weekend in the Hunter pass before taking you to Shelby's store Bare Natures'kin. Shelby(Michelle) brings a natural touch to everything she produces and it shows. Her store is brimming with her handmade natural skincare range. All made on the premises with a selection of olive oil straight from their River Flats Estate farm & goats milk from her gorgeous goats (and piggies) who you can meet, greet & thank while your there. I hope she didn't think I was too crazy with all the photos I took but I couldn't help myself. Every corner of this beautiful old shack was a delight to explore!

Bare Natures'kin - 67 Wollombi St Broke, NSW 2330
Ph 02 6579 1368

I can't quite get the beauty of Broke out of my system. So I am hoping to squeeze in a another visit for the Broke Village Fair, Sunday 11th September! Who coming with me?!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Following the Finders Keepers Ladies

The talented masters minds behind The Finders Keepers, Brooke & Sarah have opened their new store Follow on the weekend. Did you manage to pop in? If like me you haven't had a chance, then you'll have to get your fix of images via their blog.  Looks like our Feather Cushions are fitting in very nicely! 

Follow Image from The Finders Keepers Blog
380 Cleveland Street
Surry Hills NSW
Open from 11am – 6pm Weds to Saturday and 11am – 4pm on Sunday.

Friday, August 12, 2011

gatherings & wearable plants

Hello & Happy Friday!
Just popping by to share a few favourite finds from the week. I can't quite recall how I found myself at either Kinfolk or Viola Living Jewels, but I am glad I did.
Have you heard of Kinfolk? It's a new 'down to earth' online magazine created by 'a community of artists with a shared interest in small gatherings'. It celebrates the love of wholesome and natural gathering of friends, entertaining & artists. All my favourite things! It has some beautifully honest writing with stories about the importance of spending time alone and with good friends & family.
I have be craving some good friend time, so it couldn't be better timing with my own small gathering of two this weekend with my great friend Nina!

I am in love with this wonderful intrinsic collection of living jewelery Viola Living Jewels. I think the old cliches of 'plants and crystal wearing hippies' is slowing changing with new unique expressions and interpretations appearing. Creator Jessica Viola has an amazing 'background in organic, permaculture-based botanical design and a strong passion for plants, ecology, culture'. She takes you back to earth with both her jewelry and Viola Gardens sites. Do you like them?


 Enjoy your weekend! Hope you get a chance to enjoy your own little gathering whether it's with one, two or many x

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Spring Cleaning Sale

We have just spruced up the Elkhorn studio so it's now tidy and shining as it will ever be! I felt like I needed to get the cleaning out of my system to welcome in the new! Nothing like a early spring clean and a bit of procrasting to help things get on their way. Hence we are having a mini sale
Here's a few of the orphan cushions & table runners that are on sale. They would love to be put to good use and find a new home...

Monday, August 8, 2011

Custom patches

I have been a little obsessed with patches lately. It's quite a satisfying way to sew, as the work slowly reveals itself and the end result is always an rewarding surprise.  These Elkhorn cushions are a recent custom project, we created for a Marea who discovered us at The Finders Keepers Markets.

Marea originally saw the yellow patch cushions(below) and was taken by the earthy colour scheme and deep red feature dahlia's. After discussing her space we decided to change the backing fabric to a unbleached hemp/organic cotton while still keeping with the same screen printed colours.

Although we used the same colour palette design, I Iove that a subtle change of fabric can bring quite a different feel to the cushions. Thanks Marea for trusting us to create something individual for you.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A perfect Saturday Market @ the Olive Tree

We couldn't of wished for a more perfect day at The Olive Tree Markets, Newcastle. After a very early start, a reinvention of our clothing rack (after forgetting an essential component..opps) and a few coffees we were ready to begin. It felt like a Spring day with lots of people about and a relaxed vibe in the air.  Thanks to everyone who came along and said hi with many walking away with a Elkhorn purchase which is always very nice!  Fingers crossed we come back for the September market, when it truly will be Spring! xx

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Souvenirs of Broke

I recently had a couple of slow & rejuvenating days at the Hunter on a friend's friends' Olive Farm, River Flats Estate Broke. The wonderful Shelby welcomed us into her humble home with it's abundance of farm life and endless places to explore, leaving me brimming with inspiration & tipsy for more...

A chorus of welcomes from the Piggies
a study on glass walls and a great wine palette

forgotten treasures

Meet Ferocious
turns out she's a real sweetie



Thanks Shelby, Patch & Sal x

Monday, August 1, 2011

Elkhorn at the Olive Tree Market this Saturday

This coming Saturday Elkhorn will be traveling north to Newcastle for The Olive Tree Market
I hope you can join us x
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