Sunday, January 29, 2012

Scarves - How To!

Since starting the markets I've talked to many customers that are a bit unsure on how to wear scarves so they have just avoided them. I know that feeling and always envied a good friend who wears them every-which-way while looking so effortlessly chic(which goes for everything she wears). This friend(we shall name Jelly) has given me a few tips over the years but it wasn't till we started designing our own scarves that I really had the courage to play around with a few different arrangements.
I've always loved how they can freshen up your wardrobe.. even completing an outfit.
Anyway I thought this scarf demo “25 Ways to Wear a Scarf” from Wendy's look book was too great not to share (found via Frankie Magazine Facebook)

I inherited a few beautiful scarves from my Mana(Nan) which I have really wanted to wear this has definitely given me lots of inspiration for more experimenting!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Pisssst... Elkhorn's on SALE!

It's definitely time to treat you all to a Elkhorn Sale! Everything is 20% off for the next two weeks... ending on Feb 8th. So if you've had your eye on a mustard Feather Cushion a table runner or one of our Dahlia Wrap Scarves... now's a great time to treat yourself or a good friend to a Elkhorn design!
Please head over to our Etsy Store and check it out. If you find something you love then use coupon code 'flyaway' at checkout to receive the 20% off! Thanks for all your wonderful support! xx

From The Land Down Under

Good morning, Happy belated Australia Day!! How are you recovering?
I'm actually not feeling too bad this morning, we had a few celebratory drinks on the veranda, bit of people watching... lots of Australian flags walking down the street! It was pretty chilled day hanging out with good friends and enjoying a great bbq!
The Australia theme continued this morning with Etsy's daily email 'From The Land Down Under' ! I clicked my way through discovering a fine selection of Aussie designers... Plus our Elkhorn Etsy Interview was amongst it all which made it extra exciting! I'm in love with the Vintage Map of Australia and the Frederick Glassware! you can see the full email here.
Hope you enjoy these finds and managed to get a extra sneaky day off! x

Friday, January 20, 2012

Elkhorn Collector Tanks

As Promised...
Phew! Finally Our 'Collector Tank Tops' photographed and up on our Etsy Online Store for your viewing/wearing pleasure! Just in time for Summer ;)
If you had a chance to come to our end of year(2011) markets you may of already stumbled across these... but for those who haven't here they are


Aptly named the 'Collector Tank' from my love of gathering and beach combing every feather, shell and flower that was unlucky enough to cross my path. Thankfully I have managed to curb this habit and now follow the mantra 'take only pictures, leave only foot prints'!  Anyways.. I'm proud to say these tops are 100% Australia Made. The fabric was made and dyed in Sydney, sewn by a wonderfully skilled lady on the Central Coast and finished with a original Elkhorn design screen prints  in our studio! They were also made in a limited run making them truly unique and individual.
Well that's what I think anyway! Hope you like them x

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Today literally flew away! Cliche I know... but this image feels very apt! We had a little photo shoot down at the local wharf today surrounded by Pelicans. New Elkhorn clothing and accessories from today's shoot will be live on our Etsy Store tomorrow! Promise to share them with you then. Have a lovely night x

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Home Beautiful Magazine Jan 2012

It was pretty cool to pick up the latest 'Home Beautiful' magazine to see our mustard, Feather Cushion beautifully featured in this natural collection! Great to know it's on stylist Sami Simper's wishlist! After I got over the initial excitement I managed to kick back and enjoy the rest of the mag.
Hope your having a relaxing Saturday! x

F.Y.I Our Feather cushions can be seen and bought from the wonderful ladies at Follow store, Surry Hills & Moochinside, Hardys Bay! If you'd like to see our full range we will be attending the next Olive Tree Markets, Newcastle, Sat 4th Feb!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Low-tide journey to Hardys Bay

Happy New Year to you all, I hope it's off to a great start!
Nearly two weeks into the new year... can you believe it!? I think I'm officially back from my holiday hiatus and ready to begin Elkhorn 2012! Definitely all relaxed-out if that's possible. 
I've missed the Elkhorn blog, Elkhorn and the Central Coast! It's so great to be back, especially with these few days of proper Summer.
I thought I'd begin the year in sharing this mornings instagram journey to one of my favourite local walks that always sets me up for a great start to the day. Timing's important for this walk unless you would prefer to swim... You can only access the track at low-tide which makes it extra adventurous...

 The Rip Bridge to Hardys Bay(via sludgy water tracks)

The beginning - View from The Rip Bridge to Fishermans Bay
Looking down from Fishermans Parade
muddy flats of Rileys Bay
my dream home

These mud flats are home to millions of little crabs that hide away within seconds
Glimpses through the bay
Lots of tranquil untouched greenery

coffee and recovery time at The Fat Goose
now ready to start the day!
Hardys Bay!
These are just half the photos I took! It was hard to stop where I did... so many beautiful spots. If I didn't lose you half way and you'd like to see more then head over to our new Elkhorn Instagram page. Where you can choose to follow Elkhorn Instagram if your heart desires! Can wait to get into the New Year and see you all at the Markets soon!! xx

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