Saturday, April 30, 2011

Country Style with Pia Jane Bijkerk

Over the last year I have fallen in love with Country Style magazine. I have purchased it on and off and finally bought a subscription last year. I found myself captivated with each months cover, day dreaming over the beautiful & idyllic images and envious of the stories from people living 'the life' in country and small coastal towns. Since the move from Sydney to the Central Coast, I found the magazine resonate with me even more. On the off occasion I find myself doubting where I live and craving the hustle & bustle of Sydney, Country Style appears in my letter box and I sigh with relief. It always manages to reassure me, that I'm living in the right place for the right reasons. After all Sydney is only an hour away!

In this months edition, I especially loved seeing stylist & photographer Pia Jane Bijkerk's beautiful story, about where it all started for her. Mother Elkhorn and I drove down to Sydney for her book launch last night. We enjoyed champagne & cheese, met Pia, bumped into a few friends and left with a signed copy of Pia's book, my heart wanders. A beautiful inspirational memoir on 'what happened one day when she followed her heart' ...

If by some chance you haven't heard or seen Pia's work before, I highly recommend you head to her blog and website, you will me mesmerised for hours! We bumped into and coincidentally had dinner with photographer Jillian leiboff who took some beautiful photos of the night.
Somehow over the last week I have managed to accumulate a bunch of favourite magazines and now with the addition of 'my heart wanders' and the rainy weather, I am all set. It's time to turn off the computer and enjoy my readings with numerous cups of tea. Heaven!
Hope you have a wonderfully warm, relaxing & inspiring weekend! x

Elkhorn Featured Seller

What a wonderful jam packed week! I have been meaning to fill you in but being such a short week, I just couldn't find the time! I am sure everyone in Australia felt the same way but it was worth it for a 5 day weekend.
SO... Elkhorn was Featured Seller on etsy this week! Did you see it? Elkhorn Mother pointed out a few grammatical mistakes in the interview, but I have come to expect that of myself (you probably have to). Without carrying on too much... I have to say I felt pretty lucky to be approached as a potential featured seller. Etsy is a US based site with hundred/thousands of sellers. You can feel like a little fish in a big pond. It is easy to get lost amongst it all. So being discovered was a truly remarkable thing and the flood of generous feedback, reassured me that Elkhorn is on the right track! So a big thank you to all that dropped by, read the interview, came by our store, shopped with Elkhorn, followed our blog & facebook page and added us to their Etsy treasuries/favourites! The response from one interview is amazing, a true testament to the work of Etsy.

That's me... I really don't like having my photo taken (who does?). The main purpose of this image
is to have a photo to relate to the post. Mother Elkhorn should be in it!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Avoca Beachside Markets take three

I hope everyones having a wonderful Easter. It's been pretty nice having a five day weekend. Although I didn't really have time-off from Elkhorn, I have managed to have a couple of relaxing walks on the beach and time soaking up the sun when it graces us with it's presence. Every second day has been raining! We had unfortunate weather for the Avoca Beachside Markets on Saturday, the rain pretty much settled in from the time we set up till just before we finished. A few people braved the weather and came down and said hi which was encouraging. Dad helped me out for the day, going on coffee runs and held back the crowds manned the stall while I got the chance to say hi and check out artist Aleida's stall.
Aleida Pullar makes the most beautiful ceramics and washed paintings, inspired by the sea & coastal living. Her stall was set up so beautifully. It draws you in with it's tactile appeal & wonderful washed blue fish painted on tea towels along with dotted vases, planters, bowls and intriguing hanging driftwood sculptures and so much more. After totally confusing myself and picking up every item, I came away with a gorgeous gift for Mothers day. I love the fact that Aleida is a local and I hope to visit her studio at some point after having a sneak peek on her website. But for now it's just great to have her at the markets!

 a glimpse of blue sky while the rain clouds move over the ocean
ready and waiting

 Aleida's beautiful stall

this puppy looked how I felt 

We can't make it to the next couple of Avoca Beachside Markets as we have the Finders Keepers in Sydney 20-21st of May but we hope to be back July/August. If you happen to be in Avoca on the fourth Saturday of the month make sure you pop by and visit as it is worth the visit. Brad and Bianca(organisers of Avoca Beachside Markets) are working incredibly hard to create a really special market. Not only is it a much needed place for local designers and artists to sell their work but provides the community with a chance to shop local, get to know the makers and spend time together in such a beautiful location. Now, if only they could have the weather gods on their side! Fingers crossed it's not raining!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

curiously charming

Isn't there just something so curious and charming about the simple things in life?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Orange Grove Patch

I thought it would be nice to add a different size cushion to our collection. Mixing things up a little we created a rectangle feature cushion, patched together with our hand screen printed Orange Grove design. I think it makes a lovely & warm addition to a earthy bedroom setting. What are your thoughts?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I have been feeling a little bashful about posting this..but since I was selected as a nominee for Cosmopolitans Fun Fearless Female of the year, I thought I should work on being a bit more fearless!
Keeping it short and sweet, if you met me over the last year and love Elkhorn then click on the above icon to vote for me, Monique Plunkett. Make sure you set aside a few minutes to vote as there are 11 different categories with amazingly talented ladies! I wouldn't be where I am today without the fun & fearless women in my life.  Thanks x
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