Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nesting Time

Latest photos of our Table Runners and Throw Cushions

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Zoe's Feather Cushions

Zoe is one of Elkhorn's biggest fans and has been a huge support of Elkhorn before we officially began. She has a natural talent for shopping  with Elkhorn and then on-selling her purchases to friends and work colleagues. It is truly a great gift and we love her for it.
So I thought it was appropriate to make these feather cushions for her upcoming birthday. They are a smaller 'token' cushions, featuring our Feather design in pale blues and chalky whites with a denim backing. They should be a cute addition to her bedroom as they will match her current colour theme of blue & white! Happy Birthday Zoe, Hopefully you don't read this post till next week!

Elkhorn Musings...

It's nearly been two months since our last post... where has the time gone! A few good Elkhorn friends have subtlety hinted that I have been neglecting the elkhorn blog...

We have been busy working away in the studio and concentrating on building our online Etsy Store while gaining lots of positive feedback from customers and other bloggers. Gay from 'I dreamed I saw' has featured our homewares a couple times along with an endless collection of intriguing items she has put together from around the world, which leaves you fulls of inspiration! Thanks Gay!
Here is a link to a couple of her musings:


I have some musings of my own, I will share with you over the next week! stay tuned. Please x
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