Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pen it in!

Yahoo! We're very excited to let you know Elkhorn will have a stall at Sydney's Finders Keepers Autumn/Winter Market Friday 1st - Saturday 2nd of June. I love the illustrated poster by Andrea Smith. Anyhoo... Thought I'd give you plenty of time to pen it in your diary which you probably already have! You'd be silly to miss it! ;) xx

Friday, March 23, 2012

Life via Instagram

It's a running joke with friends(one in particular namely Sage.. not that I'm naming names) that all I do on the coast is 'potter around'. Which I deeply contest is NOT TRUE!! I admit life on the coast is not as 'crazy busy' as city friends and I'd happily lose the competition on that front I'm much too busy taking photos. Unfortunately this post only serves to reaffirm my so-called pottering lifestyle. But I'm not complaining... life via Instagram is looking pretty sweet...
The garden is brimming with beautiful Autumn flowers, Camellia's being my favourite. Autumn/Winter flowers along with beautiful & mostly clear days make it easier to ease into the cooler seasons.

Serene mornings walk along the water...

and stunning sunsets.

With the abundance of autumn flowers I've been getting into my favourite art, 'flower mashing'! I gave a p;d top a new lease of life by covering it with natural flower imprints. I found this wonderful idea in India Flint's book Eco Colour!

 Old worn boats have been inspiring discoveries on my daily walks - works of art

Escapes to Sydney are still essential(to counter balance the pottering). Last weekend I visited the new Koskela store located in Rosebury! Wow this is one inspiring place... not to mention the fabulous food by Kitchen By Mike who shares the open warehouse space.  If your loving the feel of the space The Design Files did a beautiful feature on them today. Can't wait for my next Sydney visit! 

Last but not least I have been dining true Central Coast style at Fisherman's Wharf, Woy Woy.  I have been capturing a collection of photos each time which deserve a separate post of their own. Owner's Sam and his family have made a regular of me with The Wharf's stunning location, fresh & tasty food and a great selection of drinks at Happy Hour! I wish I was there tonight!

Better get going if I want to catch another spectacular sunset to end my busy busy week..
Enjoy your weekend whatever your style xx

Monday, March 19, 2012

Stalking Tiel

Lately I've been feeling like a bit of a stalker... partially intentional and happy coincidences keep drawing me to the captivating work of artist, illustrator and designer Tiel Seivl Keevers. I first came across Tiel's Etsy Store tsk tsk then I discovered her beautiful photos on Instagram (as tielsk) giving me a glimpse into her works in progress and Brisbane lifestyle. Since then I think I have now covered all bases finally visiting Tiel's inspiring blog. I love everything about her work, each piece is so different and unexpected. I love the surprising colour palette and wonderfully rich layers of organic forms. I definitely know I'm not the first to discover Tiel's work but I am so glad I did. Thanks Tiel for being so accommodating the times I contacted you! I hope to one day have my very own 'tsk tsk' art work to admire all day xx

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

BlueCaravan + Society Collective Giveaway

Hallo Hallo! How are you doing?! I've been missing the Elkhorn blog having spent a couple of days in bed last week with the flu surrounded by tissues then a very full weekend of celebrations in beautiful Gerringong for my gorgeous friend Zoe's Wedding(an absolutely breath taking bride... hopefully she allows me to share a couple of images here as the location and styling was truely inspiring not to mentioned the LOVE!). It's been quite a whirl wind week with many highs definitely out weighing the snotty lows.

I was catching up on a few emails when I came across BlueCaravan's latest Autumn Newsletter + Giveaway! Featuring fair-trade seller Society COLLECTIVE! I haven't heard of them before but I was immediately taken with their handwoven bags made by indigenous Wayuu women - a nomadic, matriarchal society who inhabit the harsh and desolate desert regions of Colombia.

These bags are traditionally made to carry food and water across the desert, taking up to one month to make while the women also take care of the animals, gather water, cook and walk long distances from one community to the next always searching for water, the highest valued good. This only touches on the story and hardship of the ethnically, culturally and linguistically distinct Wayuu people and the fair trade practices of the Society COLLECTIVE. I highly recommend reading the full interview here truly inspiring!! I'm going to have to save my pennies for one of these

This Complex Mochila bag, Grandmother's Footsteps is one of my favourites
So to their GIVEAWAY
Elinor Cripps and Society COLLECTIVE are generously giving you the chance to win an exquisite handwoven Mochila valued at $190.00! *Drawn Friday the 16th March 2012*
 1 entry = Head over to our Facebook and say 'Hi' - how easy is that?!
 2 MORE entries = While you are there - be sure to hit the 'SHARE' button on the Facebook giveaway post for triple the chance to win....

I'm off to enter and share the love on Facebook! xx

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Elkhorn stall goes green!

I've been getting back to my roots this week, getting my hands dirty creating these sweet hanging Terrariums for this Saturday's Olive Tree Markets!! I have wanted to incorporate more plants to our market stall for some time now. Some of you may remember the mix of quirky planted ceramic swans I had for a while, which just ended up looking like part of the display, I never could quite part with them. But I've had my eye on these glass hanging globes for a while and after much hunting I found them and think they make the perfect terrarium!! What do you think?

These glass globes can be placed almost anywhere as long as there is lots of filtered natural light. The base of the globe is flat so they make cute & easy table features (especially if you don't have a spot to hang them. A majority of them are planted with the trusty Haworthia's which I've been growing myself. They are slow growing succulents that don't require much attention. So perfect for the not quite green thumb!

I dug out my old gardening/containing planting books for inspiration. My grandma first got me interested in Terrariums years ago when she gave me her own large glass egg Terrarium from the seventies along with the book in the middle. The Terrarium has been planted up with ferns a few times but sadly has been empty since I moved to the coast. But it's about to be revived... Once I get my hands on some ferns.

I hope you get a chance to visit the markets and see the mini hanging garden globes for yourself as they really are quite different and such a easy way to add something green to your living space. They all come with easy care instructions and any follow up advise you might need!
Below is some green inspiration I have gathered on my travels... hope it inspires you to try your own mini garden. It's lots of fun! xx

A part of the Etsy Finds 'Outside Interest' newsletter

1. Original Water Colour, Falling By shelby Healy  2. Set of 3 Porcelain planters by Farrahsit
3. Friends bromeliad garden wall  4.Plant Label Set Autumn Winter by Sow n Sow

Terrarium Postcard Set by QuillandFox and Urban Comfort image found via Meetmeatmikes Facebook

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Market treats - *Bespoke* Zine

I can't believe it's nearly a month since our last Olive Tree Markets! Not to mention today is the first day of Autumn... I will miss the Summer we never quite had.
On the brighter side of things The Olive Tree Markets are on again this Saturday! I've been loving these markets more each month. The market has a great community feel with a real mix of creative stall holders. The local people of Newcastle have been really supportive of Elkhorn and welcome us back each time! Nice feeling!

I treated myself to a few goodies at the last Olive Tree Markets. I'm sure you have heard me rave about the Macarons before?! Trust me they really are the best! I finally picked up a copy of *Bespoke* Zine from our neighboring stall Little Papercup plus a few cute cards which always come in handy! *Bespoke* Zine is a great little read if your into everything handmade... It's full of inspiring stories, interviews, tutorials and all things creative! This issue's cover was also beautifully illustrated by Jo of Little Papercup which was pretty sweet to then purchase it from her!

The lovely Jess of *Bespoke* Zine who I meet at the last Brissy, Finders Keepers Markets kindly featured our Feather Tote! I was pretty chuffed to see it in print!! Thanks Jess!
I'm sure to treat myself again this Saturday but it's hard not to when your tempted all day... you eventually give in!  Hope to show you a few new Elkhorn additions we'll be bringing to Saturday's Olive Tree! Yay x
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