Thursday, March 1, 2012

Market treats - *Bespoke* Zine

I can't believe it's nearly a month since our last Olive Tree Markets! Not to mention today is the first day of Autumn... I will miss the Summer we never quite had.
On the brighter side of things The Olive Tree Markets are on again this Saturday! I've been loving these markets more each month. The market has a great community feel with a real mix of creative stall holders. The local people of Newcastle have been really supportive of Elkhorn and welcome us back each time! Nice feeling!

I treated myself to a few goodies at the last Olive Tree Markets. I'm sure you have heard me rave about the Macarons before?! Trust me they really are the best! I finally picked up a copy of *Bespoke* Zine from our neighboring stall Little Papercup plus a few cute cards which always come in handy! *Bespoke* Zine is a great little read if your into everything handmade... It's full of inspiring stories, interviews, tutorials and all things creative! This issue's cover was also beautifully illustrated by Jo of Little Papercup which was pretty sweet to then purchase it from her!

The lovely Jess of *Bespoke* Zine who I meet at the last Brissy, Finders Keepers Markets kindly featured our Feather Tote! I was pretty chuffed to see it in print!! Thanks Jess!
I'm sure to treat myself again this Saturday but it's hard not to when your tempted all day... you eventually give in!  Hope to show you a few new Elkhorn additions we'll be bringing to Saturday's Olive Tree! Yay x

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