Monday, October 31, 2011

Market to Markit!

There's only a couple of days till I pack up the car with all things Elkhorn. I'll be road tripping to Brisbane for a very fun & eventful Finders Keepers Market!
I have been very consumed lately with Elkhorn and thinking about our last markets of the year...
so I thought I better let you in on what & where we will be...

Here's the Elkhorn Express line-up

Brisbane - The Finders Keepers
Saturday 5 - Sunday 6 November

Melbourne - Markit - Fed square
Sunday 27 November


Saturday Dec 4
Saturday Dec 16

Hummm I think that nearly covers all bases.. well close enough.
Look out Brisbane, Melbourne & Newcastle ;)
Hope you can make it to one if not all of these.
There will be some great Christmas shopping all round! xx 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wharf time

Good morning!  15mins recharge with a coffee down at Hardy's Bay wharf, ahead of a big day of screen printing! Praying that the rain gods holds off! Hope you enjoy your day x


Monday, October 24, 2011

For the greener good

Featured on Etsy today all things green inspired.. including our Grove Tea towel. YAY!
The Beekeeper article is also a interesting read.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Feathery Table Runners

Hello friends! I hope you have had an enjoyable week and the sun was shining for you.
You may have noticed our range of Elkhorn Table Runners has been growing. I listed a few on our Etsy Store & Bluecaravan over the last week but failed to share them here until now. We've kept the design simple & subtle with individual hand screen printed floaty feathers. Feature colours of citron, tangerine & sea blue have been mixed with a natural clay colour to give the feathers a soft water colour finish. Making each runner very unique! Please scroll on down... I would love to know what you think?!


Most likely you will have seen the above two Orange Grove Runners before. I recently re photographed them and couldn't help adding them to the mix. And just in case your wondering the beautiful ceramic bowls & servers are from Attia. I purchased them from the last Brissy Finders keepers for myself and thought their organic forms would sit nicely with our table runners. I will have to build on this collection as I love their creations & feel good ethos and need more room for cheese! x

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Strawberry heaven

There's nothing quite like home grown strawberries. They have taken off in the garden growing in every pocket they can squeeze themselves into. I have been feasting on them the last few days trying to get to them before the grubs do! Ahhh the sweet taste of Summer! well nearly x

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Collecting Tea Towels

Hello my friends! How are you?! Thank goodness for this warmer weather.. hopefully it's not another teaser.
We have been super busy since returning from our short break putting the final touches on fresh Elkhorn designs just in time for Spring/Summer entertaining. I don't know about you but I love this time of year and look forward to the warmer weather and small gatherings with great friends. Below is the much anticipated(mostly by me, haha) start of new Elkhorn 'Collector' Tea Towels. Named "Collector' due to our love of beach combing & foraging. Is there a point that one stops collecting? I don't think so. Whether it's memories, photographs, owls, brooches, flowers, found objects... the list can go on and on... everything holding something precious for each of us.

I still love feathers and am always amazed at the individual beauty of each one. We couldn't help putting the Elkhorn spin on feathers again with this gentle floating design using a mix of bright & natural colours.

Some of my fondness memories are times spent at the beach collecting Pippies with my Pop. As it turns out a few friends also have the same memories which I think is pretty special!

Tea Towels have definitely become something more then what you dry your dishes with. I love the fact they can be used as inexpensive wall hangings or a sweet table displays for small impromptu gatherings and a little gift.

I hope these tea towels make you smile. What about you? What do you love collecting?
More Elkhorn designs to come over the next few days! FINALLY x

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Emily Rose

One of the things I love most about attending the markets is you get to meet & spend time with all sorts of wonderfully creative people. Everyone has such interesting backgrounds & live very full lives. Emily Rose is one of those!(sorry bout the rhyming) I was first taken with her knitted fox scarf and friendly smile and was intrigued as to what she created. I finally got to see her work at the recent Olive Tree Market and treated myself to one of her unique illustrated prints.

Many of Emily Rose's illustrations were inspired by a recent European trip...

and a love for doggies! How sweet are these. There's so much character and individual style in everything she creates.

I'm so glad I came across her. You can find Emily Rose at The Olive Tree Market in Newcastle. Make sure you pop by and say hi and see her work for yourself. Thanks Emily Rose for letting me bother you and take photo's of your beautiful stall x

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Elkhorn happenings

Hello Hello! How are you? Can you believe it's October already... it's crazy! Bring on the longer days. I've been back from holidays for a few days now and straight back into Elkhorn. There will be a few photos from my WA trip soon... the landscape and wildflowers were so amazing and very inspirational!  I picked up our new screens last week which is very exciting. Finally you'll start seeing some new Elkhorn designs! Elkhorn attended The Olive Tree Market on Saturday and managed to take a couple of our new designs on tea towels, here's a sneak peek...

Another new addition to the Elkhorn Stall are Mother Elkhorn's beautifully embroidered 'sashiko style' pin cushions. How sweet are they! She went on a little stitching frenzy and churned out one after another. It has been so great being apart of The Olive Tree Market, I feel sad that we probably won't be attending for the rest of the year due to other market commitments. It's been lovely getting to know Jo from Little Paper Cup and Zoe from Oscar & Matilda who have been my fellow stall holders. We really had wonderful response from customers and hope to be back again very soon!

Elkhorn had some press while we were away which I am just discovering now!
Follow online shoppe is now up and running! The Design Files did a wonderful feature on their store which included our Mustard Feather Cushions. And over on Re-Nest an inspirational homely site, you'll find a little write up about Elkhorn! I should go away more often if this is what happens!

Lastly our first bit of advertising was really exciting to see in Peppermint Magazine via Blue Caravan. Have you read Peppermint Magazine? I only discovered it a few issues ago and have enjoyed each issue. I guess you could say it has a similar feel to Frankie Magazine with more of a 'Eco Friendly' vibe with some great in-depth articles which always gets me thinking.

 Well I think that's enough links for one day! Gotta get back to cutting out our new summer tanks!
It's great to be back. Enjoy your day x

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