Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Elkhorn happenings

Hello Hello! How are you? Can you believe it's October already... it's crazy! Bring on the longer days. I've been back from holidays for a few days now and straight back into Elkhorn. There will be a few photos from my WA trip soon... the landscape and wildflowers were so amazing and very inspirational!  I picked up our new screens last week which is very exciting. Finally you'll start seeing some new Elkhorn designs! Elkhorn attended The Olive Tree Market on Saturday and managed to take a couple of our new designs on tea towels, here's a sneak peek...

Another new addition to the Elkhorn Stall are Mother Elkhorn's beautifully embroidered 'sashiko style' pin cushions. How sweet are they! She went on a little stitching frenzy and churned out one after another. It has been so great being apart of The Olive Tree Market, I feel sad that we probably won't be attending for the rest of the year due to other market commitments. It's been lovely getting to know Jo from Little Paper Cup and Zoe from Oscar & Matilda who have been my fellow stall holders. We really had wonderful response from customers and hope to be back again very soon!

Elkhorn had some press while we were away which I am just discovering now!
Follow online shoppe is now up and running! The Design Files did a wonderful feature on their store which included our Mustard Feather Cushions. And over on Re-Nest an inspirational homely site, you'll find a little write up about Elkhorn! I should go away more often if this is what happens!

Lastly our first bit of advertising was really exciting to see in Peppermint Magazine via Blue Caravan. Have you read Peppermint Magazine? I only discovered it a few issues ago and have enjoyed each issue. I guess you could say it has a similar feel to Frankie Magazine with more of a 'Eco Friendly' vibe with some great in-depth articles which always gets me thinking.

 Well I think that's enough links for one day! Gotta get back to cutting out our new summer tanks!
It's great to be back. Enjoy your day x


  1. i love the new designs, the stitching is pretty! nice one elkhornxx

  2. glad to see so many exciting things happening!

  3. Thanks Jaclyn! Hope to catch up with you soon!


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