Friday, September 16, 2011

Elkhorn obsessions & holidays!

It's official I'm addicted! If you haven't worked it out already I have a obsession with boats, birds, water and wharves! I can't get enough of them. I dream of one day owning my very own boat shed/studio with private wharf & Halvorson boat ready for weekend escapes. But for now I am happy to dream away on one of the local wharves & take in the sweet bird life...


That being said you won't hear from me for a while... I am heading off on a much needed holiday today. As I can't get enough of wharves & water I am off to explore the coast of WA with a great buddy! Can't wait to see the longest jetty in Busselton! I'll be sure to take plenty of photos and report back to you in a couple of weeks.
Exciting things to come for Elkhorn when I'm back. With new designs in everything from table runners to summer tank tops & bags! Take care everyone xx

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Orange Grove Cushions - Unpatched

After making the rectangle version of Orange Grove Patch Cushions I had a few requests for the same design minus the patches... one always wants what one doesn't have! After taking the idea on board I decided to give them a whirl! So you now have options... to patch or not to patch! They have a very fresh contemporary feel... what do you think?
You can find these for sale on our Etsy Store and our brand new BlueCaravan Store!
P.S I am loving BlueCaravan ethical online design market and so pleased to be selling Elkhorn via it's online market! Anything that supports fairtrade and eco friendly designs gets my vote!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Time out on Plover watch

My to-do list is crazy insane! Just one look at the calender has me feeling very overwhelmed. So it's not suprising I came down with a pesky cold last week putting me out of action for a few days, forcing me to take it a little easier. In that time I noticed a Plover had made a nest in the middle of the lawn. It seemed like such a exposed random place to nest, that I made myself "Unofficial Plover Watcher' (as you do) in hope that I could help field away prowling ferals...

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sunday Mooching

OH it's Monday again... how did that happen? Hope you had a relaxing weekend!
Sunday was a true spring day. We spoilt Dad with a long lunch at
YumYum Eatery and then strolled up the hill for a Moochinside fix, while Dad patiently amused himself on their outside balcony.  I still get a kick out of seeing Elkhorn displayed so beautifully amongst the eclectic mix of designers. Here are a few of my current favourites... with a quintessentially Australia flavour don't you think? I am loving the sweet Sean the Prawn cushions?

Clockwise from top left; Elkhorn Orange Grove Table Runner, Samantha Robinson bowls, Lee Matthews dress,
Sean the Prawn cushions & Elkhorn Feather table runner.

Clockwise from top left; Wonderfully weathered picture frames, Cross Necklaces, Samantha Robinson bowls, Elkhorn Feather Table Runners and Feather Cushion.

Driftwood Whale, beach letter blocks, gorgeous seaweed & Sean the Prawn Cushion

Clockwise from top left; Elkhorn Orange Grove Table Runner with collection of Moochinside kitchen essentials, Multi-coloured beaded necklaces,
Elkhorn Dahlia Tea Towel with natural driftwood necklace & Father Elkhorn kicking back.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Totes & Boats!

Over the last couple of days i've been working on a design for our new Elkhorn Totes! My good friend Zoe's been saying for a while now that our prints would look great on a bag... so here they are my friend! Just in time for The Olive Tree Markets tomorrow. They are an ideal size to pack up with your days goodies or fill them up at your local produce markets. I like taking mine down to the local wharf and watch the sweet boats swanning around! Elkhorn Mother will be very happy i've attached her 'Whimsy things' brooches as a finishing touch. What do you think?!

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