Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Finders Keepers Brisbane - this weekend!

Hello Hello!
It looks like it's been pretty quite here on the Elkhorn blog... you probably think we have just been sitting here watching time pass in New Zealand. But we have been busy, I promise! I just wish I had more time to show you what we have been up to.
You will just have to come find us at the Finders Keepers in Brisbane this weekend! Have you had a chance to look at all the wonderful designer profiles? I had a quick squiz this morning... this is just some of what's on my wishlist. Thankfully we are driving and not flying, I am hoping there will be plenty of room for a few purchases to take home.

plates, platters & olive spoons! yes please

 time to stock up on some beautiful stationary

check out a basket for my future bike..
 Herbert & Friends
it seems to be the year of 'The Baby', I need to stock up on a few of these little guys...
I think the ladies behind Sanoii + Six come from the Central Coast?
I am in need of a clothing fix...

opps how did this get here?
The mottled Feather Cushions are a new addition. Hope you like them ;)

The road trip starts tomorrow 5am!
Can't wait to see all our Brissy friends & catch up with family x

Friday, June 24, 2011

A Goldie Production

New Zealand South Island Timelapse from Andrew Goldie on Vimeo.

Ahhh I finally worked out how to upload this film! This extraordinary timelapse has been created/filmed by my amazingly talented friend Goldie from his recent trip to the "Land of the long white cloud" Aotearoa (New Zealand). Grab a cup of tea, sit back and prepare to be mesmerised by this timeless wonder... all this and you don't even need to leave your desk.  I want to go there.
Happy Friday x

Friday, June 17, 2011

Bespoke cushions for Elkhorn Mother

Hi there, I hope your Fridays shaping up nicely.
Elkhorn Mother has unwrapped her bespoke cushions and they are settling in nicely. I thought I would give you a sneak peak into my parents sitting area and a small blurb about her bespoke Elkhorn cushions.
I wanted to create something special for mum that worked with their red leather lounge & other eclectic elements in the room. I definitely wanted to add a touch of red but without over doing it, as there is already quite a bit of red in this space. I was initially concerned that the white hemp/organic fabric I chose was going to be too white for their lounge room. But once I finished screen printing and the different coloured designs came together and overlapped in parts it stopped looking so stark. After putting them in place I think they fit in well, tying in with subtle touches of white from the planter on the table and white tassel trim in their Turkish rug. I incorporated stone coloured patches to bring warmth to the overall feel of the cushions and tone down the feature red dahlia print. The stone coloured fabric also happened to be an exact match to one of the colours featured on the draws of the coffee table, making that an easy match.

 I love hand stitching and although this is very simple, I think it's a nice added extra. I like to think of it as my makers mark, giving it that extra handmade feel.

There has been some discussion about the olive green feature wall behind the lounge. Elkhorn Mother feels it may be time to freshen it up with an off-white or beige(aka Kid Leather, mums favourite). Elkhorn Father isn't quite on the same wave length yet... I guess it depends on who has to do the repainting. Best to stay out of this one. 

Mum has a couple of beautiful arm/side chairs she inherited from her parents. They sit just to the right of this lounge. I will have to take a photo of the full room next time. They have beautiful curved wooden arms but are due for a new covering. We are thinking the same stone coloured fabric used in the cushions would be nice... with a simple/subtle print. Back to the drawing board!
Enjoy your weekend x 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Birthday Celebrations! Elkhorn Mother

Despite the weather being so miserable there is something positive & special about today...
It's Elkhorn Mother's birthday! Hooray!!

Her presents are all wrapped and the orange cake is cooling nearly ready for when she arrives home from her Melbourne weekend!
Any present from me these days is pretty much guaranteed to be something handmade and Elkhorn inspired(my friends can contest to this). But I have been promising mum her very own custom made cushions for months and I finally got around to it while she's been away. I hope she loves them... although she may be a little cushioned out! I probably could of gotten away with showing you the finished product but I will leave it till they are unwrapped & positioned where mum wants them.
Happy Birthday Mum, you are truly the most wonderful support in my life and deserve 10,000 cushions not just two. I look forward to sharing this birthday year to come! I can't wait for bigger celebrations next year... I am thinking New York, what about you?! niq xx


Have you discovered the wonderfulness that is SoHi? On the way home from a splendid weekend in Mollymook with my best buddies, we stopped off at Berry. Berry seems to be 'the weekend meeting place', which is easy to see why. We grabbed a yummy sandwich from The Emporium Food Co. It was there that I discovered SoHi magazine a local publication from the Southern highlands. I was attracted by it's no nonsense appeal & fresh unpretentious cover. I only needed a quick glance inside and I was captured. This little magazine has sole, substance and style (if I do say so myself).
And it was only $4!


I bought issue 6 and felt sad that I had missed so many before but then discovered they sell SoHi back issues, electronic & hard copies. How thoughtful is that! I think it's a perfect local guide for anyone who likes to get off the beaten track or simply have a great read on all things creative, lifestyle, people & this issue ~ mindfulness. What a timely topic... take a look. The Central Coast needs something like this!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cozy Winter Warmers - Dahlia Wraps June Special!

It's been a couple of weeks now since our Finders Keepers markets and we are finally getting around to building up a nice stock pile for the next Brisbane Finders Keepers July 2/3rd!

Our big seller was our new Dahlia Wraps. We sold out! The FK favourite was definitely the burnt orange wrap. If you missed out... don't worry as these are now a Elkhorn stable. The perfect trans-seasonal scarf, long enough to wrap around your neck a couple of times, looking upbeat & extra cozy on these chilly days.
We would like to make you feel ever cozier with 25% off our Dahlia Wraps for the month of June! Simply enter coupon code COZYSPECIAL when 'checking out' your chosen Dahlia Wrap on our Etsy Store. This also includes free postage within Australia! I wonder what this will do to our stock pile... Enjoy!

Burnt Orange





All wrapped up

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Shades of grey - Brisbane waters


What a chilly brisk day... thankfully the sun was out! I took these photos on my morning walk down along Woy Woy waters (aka Brisbane waters). It's such a beautiful calm place with lots of bird life. It's THE place for feather collecting (shhhh... top secret). I hope you have had a nice warm place for the day. I think it's time to invest in some fingerless gloves.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Matthew Mainsbridge @ Moochinside

I have been meaning to share this beautiful work displayed in Moochinside for the last couple of weeks. I was really taken by these intricate oil paintings by local artist Matthew Mainsbridge. I wish I had had my camera on that day as more then half his work has been sold since (which is fantastic for him). Yesterday I dropped off Elkhorn's new range of Dahlia wraps into Moochinside and made sure I had my camera in hand.

I did a little google search on Matthew but couldn't find any website which is a shame as he had many other wonderful paintings of washed up seaweed & feathers. I was informed he is also a framer which is why these paintings are finished off so beautifully. He seems to be a man of many talents as he also makes the best coffee at The Fat Goose!

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