Friday, June 17, 2011

Bespoke cushions for Elkhorn Mother

Hi there, I hope your Fridays shaping up nicely.
Elkhorn Mother has unwrapped her bespoke cushions and they are settling in nicely. I thought I would give you a sneak peak into my parents sitting area and a small blurb about her bespoke Elkhorn cushions.
I wanted to create something special for mum that worked with their red leather lounge & other eclectic elements in the room. I definitely wanted to add a touch of red but without over doing it, as there is already quite a bit of red in this space. I was initially concerned that the white hemp/organic fabric I chose was going to be too white for their lounge room. But once I finished screen printing and the different coloured designs came together and overlapped in parts it stopped looking so stark. After putting them in place I think they fit in well, tying in with subtle touches of white from the planter on the table and white tassel trim in their Turkish rug. I incorporated stone coloured patches to bring warmth to the overall feel of the cushions and tone down the feature red dahlia print. The stone coloured fabric also happened to be an exact match to one of the colours featured on the draws of the coffee table, making that an easy match.

 I love hand stitching and although this is very simple, I think it's a nice added extra. I like to think of it as my makers mark, giving it that extra handmade feel.

There has been some discussion about the olive green feature wall behind the lounge. Elkhorn Mother feels it may be time to freshen it up with an off-white or beige(aka Kid Leather, mums favourite). Elkhorn Father isn't quite on the same wave length yet... I guess it depends on who has to do the repainting. Best to stay out of this one. 

Mum has a couple of beautiful arm/side chairs she inherited from her parents. They sit just to the right of this lounge. I will have to take a photo of the full room next time. They have beautiful curved wooden arms but are due for a new covering. We are thinking the same stone coloured fabric used in the cushions would be nice... with a simple/subtle print. Back to the drawing board!
Enjoy your weekend x 

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