Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Melbourne Finders Keepers

This is happening so soon, I can't quite believe it! 
Hello Elkhorn friends, I'm not sure if your still there, after my little hiatus. I hope you have all been well and continued on without me. I am mostly settled into Melbourne now and getting back into Elkhorn work and preparation for the Melbourne Finders Keepers Markets!! In just over 3 weeks the fabulous and not to be missed FK Markets will be happening again! You can find us at Royal Exhibition Building, Friday 19 Oct 6pm-10om and Saturday 20th 10-5pm! It will be so great to see a few regular friendly faces and meet some new locals too! It's been way too long. xx

Monday, August 13, 2012

Elkhorn's Melbourne intro

Hello Elkhorn friends! I have been missing you all...
Things have been very quite here on the Elkhorn blog, with my recent move to Melbourne. You could say Elkhorn is having a little holiday, taking time to settle in. So you may not hear too many updates over the next few weeks but I hope to get back into the full swing of things, very soon. I have many new inspiring things to share! 
My first week in Melbourne has been very full and exciting. On a personal level, I have been made to feel sooo welcome already. It just feels so right! 
Before I left for Melbs, my friend Jaclyn Carlson from Little Paper Trees, was sweet enough to interview me for her column with the inspiring Creative Women's Circle, it was a great little intro to the creative community here which I can't wait to be a part of! Thanks Jaclyn for thinking of me, I truly enjoy reading your stories. 
You can read the full interview here.
Take care everyone, I'll be in touch soon xx

Friday, July 27, 2012

Piece Together!

I am so excited about our newest stockist Piece Together located in Woolloongabba, Brisbane! It's a gorgeous store very recently expanded to new street level premises, in the most lovely nook of the Gabba. There is so much happening at Piece Together, you can just feel the creative energy bursting, from these photos. They also have a diverse range of workshops, from Stitch an Bitch, sewing classes & weaving.. all sorts really. I'm sure you could spend the whole day there... Check out their list of workshops!

I can't wait to drop in on my next visit to Brissy! It's so cool seeing the Elkhorn Ruffle scarves displayed so nicely!

I want this whole outfit! It's too gorgeous. Thanks to the lovely ladies, Tammy & Jennine of Piece Together, for stocking Elkhorn and making our scarves look so at home! I hope they are a super seller for you!

All images from Piece Together photographed by KC Fotographie
You can visit Piece Together at 37 Logan Road, Woollongabba & keep up with all important happenings on their blog xx

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bon voyage!

Hello! You may remember in my last post, I mentioned a road trip on the horizon for Elkhorn and myself. Well there's just one destination in mind, Melbourne! It's a no return journey making Melbourne my new home! It's time to spread my wings(as corny as that sounds) and start a new adventure. Breathe in the city air(cough cough) and get amongst all the other creative types! Sadly this means I will be saying goodbye(for now) to the beautiful Central Coast which I have called home for the last 2 and a half years.
So this Saturday there will be a 'Bon voyage Studio Sale' to send off some Elkhorn designs to homes around the coast. Just so you don't forget us. If your a local or feel like a little road trip yourself, I would love to see you. Please come say HI! The sale starts 8am and finishing up about 1pm. The studio is located just near Woy Woy, at 407 Orange Grove Road, Blackwall. Please email me if you would like further directions. If you are keen enough to be coming from Sydney it's about 1.15hrs drive and from Newcastle it's about 1.3hrs. Either way it's worth the visit! I promise. You could even make a day of it and have lunch at Woy Woy Fishermen's Wharf, which is a must! That's where I'll be later in the day. The sun is meant to be shining, so it should be a fab day!

Before I head off I would love to share a few things that I will miss the most on the Central Coast...
In no particular order

The Wharf, Fishermen's Wharf Woy Woy. They have been so welcoming to me, even letting me use their gorgeous restaurant to shoot the latest Elkhorn range. 

Wharves, wharves and more wharves. Have provided me with endless inspiration, and tranquil spot to hang out and have a coffee.

The Beach! Bliss

Bush tracks

Putt Putt's! Who would of thought they would be so photogenic

Elkhorn Mother... Sadly I can't take her with me. She has been my rock, offering endless support to me and Elkhorn! She will be most missed!

The token Pelican. Always managing to get into my product shots.

Studio visitors

The cute factor triples in spring

Dreamy Boat houses

and last but not least, time spent kayaking with dad and friends.
I will miss it all but look forward to new adventures in Victoria and exploring new coast lines, and bush tracks! Let me know if you have any must see places, that you think I'd love!

Good Bye tranquil Coast. You have truly been the best place to relax, reflect and create in peace, all things Elkhorn. Thanks for having me. You will always be home xx

Friday, July 13, 2012

On the Road

I absolutely love the monthly look-books that Poppytalk Handmade put together. This month's theme 'On the Road' captures the essence of Summer, getting out and exploring. This would have to be one of my favorite themes... there's nothing not to love about this look book! And of course if you flipped through about half way you'll find Elkhorn ;)

Browsing 'On the Road' reminded me of my road trip I did last year with a great friend. We squeezed many kilometers into just 2 weeks, driving from Perth up north to Monkey Mia and then back again, going further south to Margaret River(which is divine by the way). I would have to say it was definitely a very scenic trip with long long stretches of road(with nothing in between and no sign of good coffee)... which is what you'd expect from this coastline but the long drive didn't seem to faze us. With some great music, silly banter, ever changing landscapes and exploring the 'unknown' it was a great adventure in itself! I've wanted to share some of the photos for ages... but you can imagine how many photos I took. But this has prompted me to finally share a few...


It was such a diverse trip, it's hard to some it up over a few photos. But I think it shows how beautiful WA is... it left me wanting more! Love to hear about your road trips! I have a little solo one coming up soon... a big adventure for me xx

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Etsy Winter Loving

It's been a while since I put together an Etsy Treasury of my favourite designs. For those who don't know what a Treasury is, it's a Etsy thing where members curate a shopping gallery with their favourite Etsy designs, bringing them together in a theme for everyone to see. It's a great way to help promote Etsy sellers. I try and do one at least every season... hence 'Winter nesting'.
This collection is prominently Australian which is so cool! So many talented EtsyAU sellers. The Aussie Etsy shops have been growing which is so great to see! Although I do still have a few fave international sellers thrown into the mix. If you see something you love then make sure you click here to take travel further into their shops! xx
P.S how cute are those Squirrel's spooning ;)

Friday, June 29, 2012

Elkhorn Sale Time!!!

As a little thank you to all our wonderful & supportive Elkhorn friends we are treating you to 25% off our full range of Elkhorn in our Etsy Store until July 2nd. Just use coupon code: 'treat' to receive the discount at checkout. We also have a few extra specials for sale, one-of-a-kind and short run designs. Thanks for everything xxx Hope you treat yourself!!!
Please pass on to any friends that you think would also love a Elkhorn special!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Handmade Markets

This weekend...

It's been way too long since I've updated Elkhorn Happenings! This is just a quick Hello to let you know Elkhorn will be traveling down to Canberra for this weekend's Handmade Markets.
It's been nearly two years since we last visited and can't wait to say hey again!
I'm looking forward to the long weekend away... not sure about the -4 weather forecast? Teeth chattering! See you tomorrow. xx

Monday, May 14, 2012

Etsy, Artist & Technology event

Hello Hello!! I just wanted to let you in on an exciting event lined up for the 30th May!! At first I didn't really want to share it with anyone as I am one of the guest speakers which was freaking me out! I'm shy. But since meeting all the fabulous organisers Angela from EtsyAU, Bree from Apple, Leland from EtsyUS (Director of Product) and the other Etsy seller guest speakers I feel so much better about it. Leland who will be heading the talk was just so enthusiastic & personable very American(fun & chatty) that it has put me at ease(for now). He's made it sound less like a presentation and more of a casual conversation.

SO I should tell you about the event! As you can see from the title it's all about Etsy, Artists and Technology... sounds cool, right?! It's a collaboration of Vivid Festival, Apple & Etsy. Leland will be talking to us about how we use technology in our work and how Etsy has helped us grow our online presence. I hope to learn a few more tips too! So if your in town drop in and say hi, ask me some questions! I dare you ;)  The other Etsy designers talking will be Jennifer from Idoityourself and Marc from Marc Barer. All our work is quite varied so you should hear a few different stories.

Apple Store, Sydney
367 George St. Sydney

Also, if this sort of event appeals to you, then you would love love the Etsy Success Sydney also part of Vivid Festival. It looks amazing and definitely worth investing in. There are sooo many great speakers attending. Unfortunately I can't make it as I will be having fun at The Finders Keepers Markets. You could could go to both and report back to me on everything you learn from Etsy Success! xx

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Market Love in Newy!

Ahhhh! I can't believe it's the start of May! I seriously don't know where the time's gone, and sometimes how to account for it... me and time are not good friends of late!
But I'm taking control this month and breathing in deeply and heading full steam into May. With lots of different and hopefully exhilarating changes in the midst for Elkhorn and me and, an exciting but scary presentation ahead(which I'll fill you in on if I'm brave enough). But for now I'm happily preparing for this Saturday's Olive Tree Markets... that I can do!

Jo Dyer
These are a few images from last month Olive Tree Markets. We have been continually lucky with the weather, the last market was particular warm with the sun blazing down on the Elkhorn stall. I was on my own so I didn't get a chance to venture out but I did manage to head two stalls down to Little Papercup, where Jo Dyer resides. I stood and oooh and aaah at one of her beautiful original art works she had modestly displayed... wow that is one talented lady!! (that's not Jo in the back ground but one of her friends I caught off-guard, it looks like she's waving but I think she was just pausing inbetween texting someone.. hello friend)

I've been slowly working away on a few new designs and one-off pieces to keep things interesting. The nautical rope print as shown on the tank top, is one of them. This has since been further developed and printed onto our Wrap scarves. Personally I think they turned out wonderful(not that I'm biased) the print is quite bold and the knotted rope detail looks like it's even more intertwined when worn. I'm lucky to have 'Elkhorn Mother' back on board this market(after her wee hiatus). She'll be modelling one of the nautical knots wraps for your viewing pleasure! Hopefully they will give you the sea-worth touch of nautical that day-to-day life requires! I'll try and post a photo of them later today!

The Terrariums have been a huge success! They have created so much interest(selling out at the last couple of markets) while also giving the Elkhorn stall a fresh feel. There's just something so wonderful about plants, especially when they are suspended in a glass globe! I hope I've made enough to keep up with the demand this weekend. There will be quite a few lovelies for you to choose from!

Anyway I better get back to it! I should of mentioned this earlier in the piece so hopefully you have made it this far... if you haven't already seen it The Design Files has been having a week extravaganza on all things wonderful & inspiring in Newcastle! Their post today features a guide to the best in the city, The Olive Tree Markets and our Elkhorn Stall being one of them!! So chuffed to see us included with a photo to boot! Make sure you pop over and have a look here!!
See you Saturday!! xx Great spot of Mother's Day shopping to be had!!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Finders Keepers - Autumn Gift Guide

Good morning! I hope your somewhere nice and cozy on this rainy morning! I've been in denial that Autumn is here and the cooler weather is upon us... especially since we were blessed with a few weeks of Indian Summer. Spending some time in Sydney this weekend I noticed all the Maple trees have started to loose their leaves, and there was a thick fog on the drive down. But it was beautiful. There's something different about exploring the streets of Sydney in Autumn.
In keeping with the theme of Autumn, Elkhorn was lucky enough to be a guest contributor to Finders Keepers Gift Guide! The above are some of my favourite autumn picks! You can view the full post here. I had so much fun selecting my picks but it was hard to pick just 6! I am absolutely loving Stampel (1) & Beth-Emily (3) and Ernest Hope (5) work at the moment!!
What things do you love about Autumn?

Friday, April 27, 2012

My local

I can't quite believe this is my 'local'! I want to say local Fish & Chippie but it's so much more then that!
The setting of this restaurant is like no-other, it's surrounded by the beautiful serene water ways of Woy Woy.  The Wharf (A.K.A Fishermen's Wharf, Woy Woy) has it all, atmosphere, super friendly service, entertainment(both inside and out), cider!, bird & aquatic life(both on and off plate) and the food is delicious!!!

I must admit I am only a recent convert having only lived here a couple of years. But I do remember lunching here as a kid with my grandparents. It's recently been given a new lease of life by Xanthe Highfield and the team behind Fishermen's Wharf. The same relaxed rustic, crab shack feel to the place remains, with the addition of thoughtful pre-loved furniture and locally sourced pieces and many other subtle sea-worthy touches. Fishermen's Wharf was also featured in Issue One of Breeze Magazine!

Anyway... I just wanted to share the collection of photo's that have been building up with each visit. The place looks different each time, depending on where you sit and the time of day. There's nothing not to love! 
If your ever in the area, it's definitely worth a visit!
Thanks Xanthe and Sam for always welcoming me so warmly to The Wharf!


Fishermen's Wharf
The Boulevarde, Woy Woy
02 4341 1171

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

two unique

Two unique pieces just added to the shop

This sweet little one-off Grove Cushion - Circle with nautical rope edging
as shown with Grove Throw Cushion - Square


Swing Tank - Navy with Nautical knots
Believe me I know it's not Summer anymore but these swing tanks look great layered
and the fabric is so lovely and floaty I couldn't resist adding them to the shop


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