Monday, May 14, 2012

Etsy, Artist & Technology event

Hello Hello!! I just wanted to let you in on an exciting event lined up for the 30th May!! At first I didn't really want to share it with anyone as I am one of the guest speakers which was freaking me out! I'm shy. But since meeting all the fabulous organisers Angela from EtsyAU, Bree from Apple, Leland from EtsyUS (Director of Product) and the other Etsy seller guest speakers I feel so much better about it. Leland who will be heading the talk was just so enthusiastic & personable very American(fun & chatty) that it has put me at ease(for now). He's made it sound less like a presentation and more of a casual conversation.

SO I should tell you about the event! As you can see from the title it's all about Etsy, Artists and Technology... sounds cool, right?! It's a collaboration of Vivid Festival, Apple & Etsy. Leland will be talking to us about how we use technology in our work and how Etsy has helped us grow our online presence. I hope to learn a few more tips too! So if your in town drop in and say hi, ask me some questions! I dare you ;)  The other Etsy designers talking will be Jennifer from Idoityourself and Marc from Marc Barer. All our work is quite varied so you should hear a few different stories.

Apple Store, Sydney
367 George St. Sydney

Also, if this sort of event appeals to you, then you would love love the Etsy Success Sydney also part of Vivid Festival. It looks amazing and definitely worth investing in. There are sooo many great speakers attending. Unfortunately I can't make it as I will be having fun at The Finders Keepers Markets. You could could go to both and report back to me on everything you learn from Etsy Success! xx

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