Thursday, May 3, 2012

Market Love in Newy!

Ahhhh! I can't believe it's the start of May! I seriously don't know where the time's gone, and sometimes how to account for it... me and time are not good friends of late!
But I'm taking control this month and breathing in deeply and heading full steam into May. With lots of different and hopefully exhilarating changes in the midst for Elkhorn and me and, an exciting but scary presentation ahead(which I'll fill you in on if I'm brave enough). But for now I'm happily preparing for this Saturday's Olive Tree Markets... that I can do!

Jo Dyer
These are a few images from last month Olive Tree Markets. We have been continually lucky with the weather, the last market was particular warm with the sun blazing down on the Elkhorn stall. I was on my own so I didn't get a chance to venture out but I did manage to head two stalls down to Little Papercup, where Jo Dyer resides. I stood and oooh and aaah at one of her beautiful original art works she had modestly displayed... wow that is one talented lady!! (that's not Jo in the back ground but one of her friends I caught off-guard, it looks like she's waving but I think she was just pausing inbetween texting someone.. hello friend)

I've been slowly working away on a few new designs and one-off pieces to keep things interesting. The nautical rope print as shown on the tank top, is one of them. This has since been further developed and printed onto our Wrap scarves. Personally I think they turned out wonderful(not that I'm biased) the print is quite bold and the knotted rope detail looks like it's even more intertwined when worn. I'm lucky to have 'Elkhorn Mother' back on board this market(after her wee hiatus). She'll be modelling one of the nautical knots wraps for your viewing pleasure! Hopefully they will give you the sea-worth touch of nautical that day-to-day life requires! I'll try and post a photo of them later today!

The Terrariums have been a huge success! They have created so much interest(selling out at the last couple of markets) while also giving the Elkhorn stall a fresh feel. There's just something so wonderful about plants, especially when they are suspended in a glass globe! I hope I've made enough to keep up with the demand this weekend. There will be quite a few lovelies for you to choose from!

Anyway I better get back to it! I should of mentioned this earlier in the piece so hopefully you have made it this far... if you haven't already seen it The Design Files has been having a week extravaganza on all things wonderful & inspiring in Newcastle! Their post today features a guide to the best in the city, The Olive Tree Markets and our Elkhorn Stall being one of them!! So chuffed to see us included with a photo to boot! Make sure you pop over and have a look here!!
See you Saturday!! xx Great spot of Mother's Day shopping to be had!!


  1. Oooh, you will be there. I am so missing out. :(

  2. Hi there Found you through Poppytalk, just wanted to say your screenprints are an inspiration. x


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