Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bon voyage!

Hello! You may remember in my last post, I mentioned a road trip on the horizon for Elkhorn and myself. Well there's just one destination in mind, Melbourne! It's a no return journey making Melbourne my new home! It's time to spread my wings(as corny as that sounds) and start a new adventure. Breathe in the city air(cough cough) and get amongst all the other creative types! Sadly this means I will be saying goodbye(for now) to the beautiful Central Coast which I have called home for the last 2 and a half years.
So this Saturday there will be a 'Bon voyage Studio Sale' to send off some Elkhorn designs to homes around the coast. Just so you don't forget us. If your a local or feel like a little road trip yourself, I would love to see you. Please come say HI! The sale starts 8am and finishing up about 1pm. The studio is located just near Woy Woy, at 407 Orange Grove Road, Blackwall. Please email me if you would like further directions. If you are keen enough to be coming from Sydney it's about 1.15hrs drive and from Newcastle it's about 1.3hrs. Either way it's worth the visit! I promise. You could even make a day of it and have lunch at Woy Woy Fishermen's Wharf, which is a must! That's where I'll be later in the day. The sun is meant to be shining, so it should be a fab day!

Before I head off I would love to share a few things that I will miss the most on the Central Coast...
In no particular order

The Wharf, Fishermen's Wharf Woy Woy. They have been so welcoming to me, even letting me use their gorgeous restaurant to shoot the latest Elkhorn range. 

Wharves, wharves and more wharves. Have provided me with endless inspiration, and tranquil spot to hang out and have a coffee.

The Beach! Bliss

Bush tracks

Putt Putt's! Who would of thought they would be so photogenic

Elkhorn Mother... Sadly I can't take her with me. She has been my rock, offering endless support to me and Elkhorn! She will be most missed!

The token Pelican. Always managing to get into my product shots.

Studio visitors

The cute factor triples in spring

Dreamy Boat houses

and last but not least, time spent kayaking with dad and friends.
I will miss it all but look forward to new adventures in Victoria and exploring new coast lines, and bush tracks! Let me know if you have any must see places, that you think I'd love!

Good Bye tranquil Coast. You have truly been the best place to relax, reflect and create in peace, all things Elkhorn. Thanks for having me. You will always be home xx


  1. These photos are stunning. Lots to miss, but may your new journey be wonder full xx

    1. Thanks Leah! It has been quite a place to explore :) Thanks for following me on my journey. x

  2. I am sorry to see you're leaving the coast but can't wait to see what your new adventures bring you. When do you head south? What exciting things are dragging you so far from all these beautiful things? DO tell.

    1. Thanks Kate! I am sure there will be many moments that I wish I was back on the coast relaxing. I leave on Wednesday packing the car up with most of my life! Hopefully Melbourne will welcome me with exciting work prospects, renewed creative energy and just some new adventures in general with the occasional sunny day which would be nice :)
      Thanks for all your support with Elkhorn it has been fab getting to know you and following your blog! Hope the Girl Guides weekend was a success! Take Care xx


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