Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Birthday Celebrations! Elkhorn Mother

Despite the weather being so miserable there is something positive & special about today...
It's Elkhorn Mother's birthday! Hooray!!

Her presents are all wrapped and the orange cake is cooling nearly ready for when she arrives home from her Melbourne weekend!
Any present from me these days is pretty much guaranteed to be something handmade and Elkhorn inspired(my friends can contest to this). But I have been promising mum her very own custom made cushions for months and I finally got around to it while she's been away. I hope she loves them... although she may be a little cushioned out! I probably could of gotten away with showing you the finished product but I will leave it till they are unwrapped & positioned where mum wants them.
Happy Birthday Mum, you are truly the most wonderful support in my life and deserve 10,000 cushions not just two. I look forward to sharing this birthday year to come! I can't wait for bigger celebrations next year... I am thinking New York, what about you?! niq xx

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