Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Finders Keepers Brisbane - this weekend!

Hello Hello!
It looks like it's been pretty quite here on the Elkhorn blog... you probably think we have just been sitting here watching time pass in New Zealand. But we have been busy, I promise! I just wish I had more time to show you what we have been up to.
You will just have to come find us at the Finders Keepers in Brisbane this weekend! Have you had a chance to look at all the wonderful designer profiles? I had a quick squiz this morning... this is just some of what's on my wishlist. Thankfully we are driving and not flying, I am hoping there will be plenty of room for a few purchases to take home.

plates, platters & olive spoons! yes please

 time to stock up on some beautiful stationary

check out a basket for my future bike..
 Herbert & Friends
it seems to be the year of 'The Baby', I need to stock up on a few of these little guys...
I think the ladies behind Sanoii + Six come from the Central Coast?
I am in need of a clothing fix...

opps how did this get here?
The mottled Feather Cushions are a new addition. Hope you like them ;)

The road trip starts tomorrow 5am!
Can't wait to see all our Brissy friends & catch up with family x

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