Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Winter flower mashing

I got into a bit of flower smashing last week and I am really happy with the results. Our garden is full of beautiful flowers through Winter which makes the cold days feel a little brighter. I love the unpredicted results the mashed flowers leave on the fabric. Each time I discover new & wonderful results with different seasonal flowers. Looking back at the last flowers I smashed in Spring they are quite different from the results here. This smashed flower fabric was used in a bundle of Ruffle Scarves sent to our new wholesaler Ivy & Bird in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane! Which we are very excited about. I will show you the results of the Ruffle scarves in our next post!


  1. Wow what a lovely effect.... Look out for your invite very soon... Finished designing, printing next week then out week after x

  2. Thanks Tessa! I am looking forward to this invite. Very exciting xx

  3. how do you do this? its amazing?

  4. Hi Elisemaree!

    I starting writing here about the flower mashing process but it just got to wordy! I will email you with more info... I really should post it on my blog one day, as anyone can do it and it's lots of fun!


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