Monday, October 31, 2011

Market to Markit!

There's only a couple of days till I pack up the car with all things Elkhorn. I'll be road tripping to Brisbane for a very fun & eventful Finders Keepers Market!
I have been very consumed lately with Elkhorn and thinking about our last markets of the year...
so I thought I better let you in on what & where we will be...

Here's the Elkhorn Express line-up

Brisbane - The Finders Keepers
Saturday 5 - Sunday 6 November

Melbourne - Markit - Fed square
Sunday 27 November


Saturday Dec 4
Saturday Dec 16

Hummm I think that nearly covers all bases.. well close enough.
Look out Brisbane, Melbourne & Newcastle ;)
Hope you can make it to one if not all of these.
There will be some great Christmas shopping all round! xx 

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