Friday, March 2, 2012

The Elkhorn stall goes green!

I've been getting back to my roots this week, getting my hands dirty creating these sweet hanging Terrariums for this Saturday's Olive Tree Markets!! I have wanted to incorporate more plants to our market stall for some time now. Some of you may remember the mix of quirky planted ceramic swans I had for a while, which just ended up looking like part of the display, I never could quite part with them. But I've had my eye on these glass hanging globes for a while and after much hunting I found them and think they make the perfect terrarium!! What do you think?

These glass globes can be placed almost anywhere as long as there is lots of filtered natural light. The base of the globe is flat so they make cute & easy table features (especially if you don't have a spot to hang them. A majority of them are planted with the trusty Haworthia's which I've been growing myself. They are slow growing succulents that don't require much attention. So perfect for the not quite green thumb!

I dug out my old gardening/containing planting books for inspiration. My grandma first got me interested in Terrariums years ago when she gave me her own large glass egg Terrarium from the seventies along with the book in the middle. The Terrarium has been planted up with ferns a few times but sadly has been empty since I moved to the coast. But it's about to be revived... Once I get my hands on some ferns.

I hope you get a chance to visit the markets and see the mini hanging garden globes for yourself as they really are quite different and such a easy way to add something green to your living space. They all come with easy care instructions and any follow up advise you might need!
Below is some green inspiration I have gathered on my travels... hope it inspires you to try your own mini garden. It's lots of fun! xx

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1. Original Water Colour, Falling By shelby Healy  2. Set of 3 Porcelain planters by Farrahsit
3. Friends bromeliad garden wall  4.Plant Label Set Autumn Winter by Sow n Sow

Terrarium Postcard Set by QuillandFox and Urban Comfort image found via Meetmeatmikes Facebook


  1. LOVE THESE! so cool

  2. My grandmother had a fabulous terrarium, it was so big. Yours are darling. I went up to Newcastle for a potter around last week and won't get up there again this weekend but I do hope to get to an Olive Tree market soon.

    1. Hi Kate! The real-old fashion Terrariums are definitely something to aspire to! It would be great to finally meet you one of these days! Our next Olive Tree Markets is probably the first weekend of May... but that's not confirmed yet.
      Also I thought you might be the person in the know for any good local (central coast) markets for plants... ferns in particular? Thanks Kate always love getting your comments ;)


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