Saturday, April 30, 2011

Country Style with Pia Jane Bijkerk

Over the last year I have fallen in love with Country Style magazine. I have purchased it on and off and finally bought a subscription last year. I found myself captivated with each months cover, day dreaming over the beautiful & idyllic images and envious of the stories from people living 'the life' in country and small coastal towns. Since the move from Sydney to the Central Coast, I found the magazine resonate with me even more. On the off occasion I find myself doubting where I live and craving the hustle & bustle of Sydney, Country Style appears in my letter box and I sigh with relief. It always manages to reassure me, that I'm living in the right place for the right reasons. After all Sydney is only an hour away!

In this months edition, I especially loved seeing stylist & photographer Pia Jane Bijkerk's beautiful story, about where it all started for her. Mother Elkhorn and I drove down to Sydney for her book launch last night. We enjoyed champagne & cheese, met Pia, bumped into a few friends and left with a signed copy of Pia's book, my heart wanders. A beautiful inspirational memoir on 'what happened one day when she followed her heart' ...

If by some chance you haven't heard or seen Pia's work before, I highly recommend you head to her blog and website, you will me mesmerised for hours! We bumped into and coincidentally had dinner with photographer Jillian leiboff who took some beautiful photos of the night.
Somehow over the last week I have managed to accumulate a bunch of favourite magazines and now with the addition of 'my heart wanders' and the rainy weather, I am all set. It's time to turn off the computer and enjoy my readings with numerous cups of tea. Heaven!
Hope you have a wonderfully warm, relaxing & inspiring weekend! x

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