Friday, January 20, 2012

Elkhorn Collector Tanks

As Promised...
Phew! Finally Our 'Collector Tank Tops' photographed and up on our Etsy Online Store for your viewing/wearing pleasure! Just in time for Summer ;)
If you had a chance to come to our end of year(2011) markets you may of already stumbled across these... but for those who haven't here they are


Aptly named the 'Collector Tank' from my love of gathering and beach combing every feather, shell and flower that was unlucky enough to cross my path. Thankfully I have managed to curb this habit and now follow the mantra 'take only pictures, leave only foot prints'!  Anyways.. I'm proud to say these tops are 100% Australia Made. The fabric was made and dyed in Sydney, sewn by a wonderfully skilled lady on the Central Coast and finished with a original Elkhorn design screen prints  in our studio! They were also made in a limited run making them truly unique and individual.
Well that's what I think anyway! Hope you like them x

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