Friday, January 13, 2012

Low-tide journey to Hardys Bay

Happy New Year to you all, I hope it's off to a great start!
Nearly two weeks into the new year... can you believe it!? I think I'm officially back from my holiday hiatus and ready to begin Elkhorn 2012! Definitely all relaxed-out if that's possible. 
I've missed the Elkhorn blog, Elkhorn and the Central Coast! It's so great to be back, especially with these few days of proper Summer.
I thought I'd begin the year in sharing this mornings instagram journey to one of my favourite local walks that always sets me up for a great start to the day. Timing's important for this walk unless you would prefer to swim... You can only access the track at low-tide which makes it extra adventurous...

 The Rip Bridge to Hardys Bay(via sludgy water tracks)

The beginning - View from The Rip Bridge to Fishermans Bay
Looking down from Fishermans Parade
muddy flats of Rileys Bay
my dream home

These mud flats are home to millions of little crabs that hide away within seconds
Glimpses through the bay
Lots of tranquil untouched greenery

coffee and recovery time at The Fat Goose
now ready to start the day!
Hardys Bay!
These are just half the photos I took! It was hard to stop where I did... so many beautiful spots. If I didn't lose you half way and you'd like to see more then head over to our new Elkhorn Instagram page. Where you can choose to follow Elkhorn Instagram if your heart desires! Can wait to get into the New Year and see you all at the Markets soon!! xx

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