Saturday, December 10, 2011

Breeze Magazine - Central Coasting

For something that is so wonderful and exciting it's taken me much too long to share this with you! Sorry for holding back ;) Without much-a-do here's the very new go-to-guide for all things wonderful on the Central Coast, NSW Issue One Breeze Magazine

Michelle one of the founders of Breeze Magazine contacted us a couple of months ago with the news of their magazine(in the making) and asked Elkhorn to be a feature in their December launch. YES PLEASE! Father Elkhorn can contest to how many times I have ranted about the need for a appealing platform to showcase the beauty of the Central Coast. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I received Michelle's email. Michelle & Tim came by to photograph our studio and a few awkward shots of me while Michelle and I discovered our shared love of Halverson boats, collecting & swapped a few central coast finds! They are a truly down to earth couple dedicated to getting the word out their via beautiful photos and intriguing stories on the people and places that make the Central Coast so unique. 
Okay, so yes! I 'm slightly biased with Elkhorn's feature and my obsession with the coast but I really think this magazine is the start of something special.
Perhaps your already onto it! If you get a chance over the weekend take some time to slowly 'breeze' through! You know I recommend it, it's free and online after all xx
Snap of our Feature in Breeze Magazine Page 8-9

If only we had a magazine shoot every week... great incentive to keep the studio clean! 

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  1. Makes a girl from England want to relocate (doesn't take much really)! How beautiful the magazine and the coast is...


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