Friday, December 2, 2011

Saturday to-be at Olive Tree Markets

Grove Totes- mustard

Elkhorn Mother's Sweet Pin Cushions

Bunting Bunting Bunting! to be unraveled

Cute Purposeful Pouches

Hello! Just wanted to share a few Elkhorn goodies to entice you to Saturday's Olive Tree Markets in Newcastle. Come check out our new purposeful pouches with nautical drawstring, Elkhorn mum's hand embroided pin cushions, colourful bunting and our large market totes. Plus our full range of hand screen printed table runners, cushions & tea towels!
It's going to be a long but full day of great Christmas handmade shopping from 9am, wrapping up at 6pm!  First up on my shopping list is those delicious Macarons!!! Yuo have to get in early for those. My favourite is the Lavender & honey!

Enjoy your weekend... Hope to see you there x


  1. Today's Finders Keepers was a little poorer for your absence. Oh well. Sydney's loss is Newcastle's gain this weekend. Hope you sell lots.

  2. Thanks Vera, your words were really lovely to hear. We would of loved to be at The Finders Keepers. 'swings and roundabouts' :)
    We did have a wonderful day at The Olive Tree so it was positive day all round. Hope you had a great weekend x


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