Friday, August 12, 2011

gatherings & wearable plants

Hello & Happy Friday!
Just popping by to share a few favourite finds from the week. I can't quite recall how I found myself at either Kinfolk or Viola Living Jewels, but I am glad I did.
Have you heard of Kinfolk? It's a new 'down to earth' online magazine created by 'a community of artists with a shared interest in small gatherings'. It celebrates the love of wholesome and natural gathering of friends, entertaining & artists. All my favourite things! It has some beautifully honest writing with stories about the importance of spending time alone and with good friends & family.
I have be craving some good friend time, so it couldn't be better timing with my own small gathering of two this weekend with my great friend Nina!

I am in love with this wonderful intrinsic collection of living jewelery Viola Living Jewels. I think the old cliches of 'plants and crystal wearing hippies' is slowing changing with new unique expressions and interpretations appearing. Creator Jessica Viola has an amazing 'background in organic, permaculture-based botanical design and a strong passion for plants, ecology, culture'. She takes you back to earth with both her jewelry and Viola Gardens sites. Do you like them?


 Enjoy your weekend! Hope you get a chance to enjoy your own little gathering whether it's with one, two or many x


  1. They are really beautiful.. where is she based? xx

  2. Overseas of course ;). I think she lives in the US, Santa Monica. x


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