Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Inspiring friends, chairs & markets!

Hello friends.  How are you? Can you believe it's the last day of Winter! Hooray!!
Beautiful day to finish it.
I was graced with the presence of my ole 'Visual Arts' buddy Nina this past weekend. Some time can pass between seeing each other but we're lucky to have one of those friendships that feels like we saw each other only yesterday. When we get together there is always endless chats about arts & crafts and exchanging of ideas from blogs, music & and sillyness. What was meant to be a relaxing crafty weekend for Nina & I, turned into more Elkhorn-esk market, design critic, chair restoration weekend! Nina gave me a fresh perspective on some new designs I've been working on and renewed inspiration for the week. Here's a few snippets from our weekend...

Do you remember the chairs I found on the curb side a few months ago? I have used them a few times now at the Elkhorn stall to display our cushions. I repainted them a off-white/taupey colour when I first found them and then sanded them back slightly. I have revisited them again over the last couple of weeks and decided to sand them again... never sure how far I should go. I started to discover a beautiful under coats of sea green & blue peeking through. Nina reminded me of the quirky chairs I blogged about by Leslie Oschmann and suggested we take it a bit further and the she got to the task of sanding. Turns out each chair has completely different undertones. Sanding is actually very addictive and it's really hard to know when to stop! I took to the sander again today on the bottom left chair. I thought I could possibly sand the seat right back to original wood, leaving only scratches of paint as I don't love the indian red undertones as much as the other chairs... What do you think? Nina I need you back!

Have you seen the beautifully artistic Video clip to Gotye's new song. Nina shared this with me.
Totally addicted and have been listening to the album all week!

Nina did great bringing customers into our Elkhorn Stall at Avoca Beachside Markets on Sunday while entertaining me! It was a relief to have her there as it wasn't the busiest day which can be hard work when you flying solo. I was really happy with how the stall looked, Nino helped me make it look very pretty with sweet touches of hanging flowers and her wonderful presence!

Thanks to my wonderful friend Nina x

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