Sunday, May 29, 2011

Market to market - Makers Market Murobond

It was refreshing to be on the other side of the stall for once... or so to speak as there were no "stalls" as such at this market. The inaugural Markers Market was more of a casual/relaxed scene with a collection of creations and designers mingling with the customers.

It was a lovely way to start the weekend and meet up with a few friends. I was quite taken by Harriet Goodall's handmade baskets. She makes beautiful tactile pieces that she magically wove together while chatting to me. Harriet spoke of the different materials that can be used to weave, like electrical cord, plastic bags and salvaged items. One of her commissioned pieces sounds so personal & special - a custom pendent she made for a boys room with paper words interlaced throughout the basket weave. I would love to attend one of her workshops in the near future. Hummmm better start collecting some weaving ideas! Just inspiring.
How great is it that the humble (but often uninspiring) paint shop has turned their space into a world of ideas for styling the house, incorporating their appealing range of colours. 


all images from Harriet Goodalls blog


  1. They're just delicious works, aren't they. Her workshops are on my to-do list too.

  2. such a fun time, great to see you!


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