Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Finders Keepers sydney - part 2

Hello friends,
as promised here are a few more photos from the Finders Keepers weekend. I think we have nearly recovered. I still can't believe how many friends came by and supported Elkhorn, let alone the new & wonderful people we meet over the weekend.

Bespoke Press stall - these hello cards are just adorable and I will need to purchase some very soon! Alischa (Bespoke) kindly let me grab this photograph from her blog. I stocked up on her fab sticky tape but will be making more purchases at the Brisbane Finders Keepers!!

My wonderful friend Natasha helped out for the day. At one point there were about 10 people trying on different scarves. It was a relief to have her and Kelly there.

 The E is a new addition to the Elkhorn stall props. A very thoughtful gift from my friend Jelly. A few people asked if it was for sale... but no. Jelly where is it from?

Father Elkhorn should be so proud of the boxes he made. They came up great for the day and created the 'store like' feel I was after. A few commissions may be coming his way!

My purchase from the weekend came from Ginny and Jude Designs. A very sweet necklace with a semi precious stone and pearl detail. I have been searching for a crystal necklace for some time and was so happy to come by it at the FK markets.

Our Orange Grove patch cushion went to a very good home.

 Kelly & G the ever supporting couple. Thanks for all your endless support Kel and humble abode x

Thanks to everyone who came by and made the weekend so much fun and of course a huge thank you to the Finders Keepers and Carriageworks! Thanks Elkhorn mother & father for helping make it all happen. Next a little road trip to Brisbane Finders Keepers Markets - July 2/3rd!
There should be a few more Elkhorn Dahlia wraps out and about today, as we sold out!


  1. so glad it was a success! I stopped by and said hello to Mother Elkhorn but you were busy, hope to see you next time!

  2. Lovely! Looks like you had a great crowd...wish we could have been on your side of the world! Maybe next time :)


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