Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Boating

It was one of those idyllic central coast days yesterday. The weather was warm just a few clouds about and starting to feel like Summer. I spent the morning with my cousin Joel, we had a lazy breakfast & wandered down to the dog track (along Hardy's Bay) to check out the 'Classic Wooden Boat Gathering'. It was one for the enthusiasts for sure! I am lacking in all boat lingo so I'm not even going to attempt to name any of these hand made boats. Definitely just a admirer..

Joel helping 'bring in' the KURIL while I helpfully watched

A fold-away boat! It was literary pulled out of a small FWD in pieces and put together in a couple of minutes! I wonder if it would fit in my Toyota Echo!?

Watching out for his Captain!

Classic peppermint bliss

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