Monday, April 23, 2012

Elkhorn scarfing

The one thing I love about creating & completing a Elkhorn design is having a mini photo-shoot afterwards. I don't know if the images are great and as always I'm lacking a model but I really enjoy taking them so I hope it shows...
I went out a couple of times last week both days being complete opposites. The first day was over cast with heavy clouds threatening, the water was a deep green and the rain came as warned bringing the shoot to an early finish. The next day was the complete opposite with the sun beaming down and endless inspiration distracting me. Here's a few Elkhorn scarves photographed, newies & oldies. Hope you like them. It's definitely feeling like scarf weather now!

We have a new season of Autumn Ruffle Scarves. Lots of earthy autumn colours and fun brights!
For once we have added these to our online store. If you can't find the right colour combo for you we are happy to create something in your colours. Just email us!

We recently sourced some beautiful organic cotton. It was so lovely to print on. Beautiful plum purple off-cuts worked so well added to our Ruffle Scarves. The Circle scarves below are a new addition. They are super easy to wear going straight over your head in one single loop... no fussing about. Double lined making them perfect for this time of year when it's just starting to get a little cooler. A touch of nautical roping features in sweet knots. Currently we have 4 colours, purple, Hawkesbury green, clay & poppy red all organic cotton!

Our Dahlia Wraps are still much loved. I don't think anyone can resist the super soft modal fabric.
Just to make the decision even harder we couldn't resist adding this amazing bright red wrap to our range. You wouldn't be missed wearing this!

As you can see I couldn't resist adding the extra elements that came across my path when photographing! Some of them are hard to avoid. It is truly inspiring down at the wharf! Can't wait to finish our new designs. I have a slightly different plan for the next shoot! xx

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