Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Handmade pledge of some sort

 I love this poster by illustrator Clare Owen from Frankie Magazine
Since being surrounded by more and more beautiful handmade items, it's got me thinking a lot about the sustainability of my purchases in my personal life from fashion to every day life choices. Since starting Elkhorn, I have become more aware & conscientious of where I purchase materials & goods, how they have been produced and where they come from. It has always been important for us to create a sustainable business as well as producing designs from quality/eco friendly materials which will last years. So I guess I want to flow this more into my own life with some sort of handmade/only wear recycled clothing, "make do" type pact?
It's surprising (or not so surprising) how many people out there who have taken these ideas on board in a serious way....

I have been following Katiecrakernuts blog this year and admire her pledge to only buy second hand clothing, while also having a little giggle(with her) along the way and often marvel at her designer bargains! 
Via Pia Jane Bijkerk's blog I came across Kim Knelpps a sustainable designer who's quest is to rework what you already have in the wardrobe in 'a bid to pacify the retail urge and reduce fast-fashion consumption', she helps you transform your existing garments into fresh pieces while sharing new ideas for the individual.  She can come re-work my wardrobe any day!
So at this stage I am not sure where to start? I need to open my wardrobe! I haven't been a huge shopper of late and have started to make more clothing for myself...hence inspiration for Elkhorn clothing.  I have to admit I am not 100% comfortable buying clothing from op shops, as I am super sensitive to musty old smells..
I think it will be more of a life philosophy rather then hard & fast rule. What do you guys think? Has anyone else given it a go out there?

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