Thursday, February 9, 2012

for the love of wood

As you know I love all things nature & coastal and you most probably do to! I know my friend Zoe does ;) A little piece of wood can add lots of charm. Found branches, driftwood, old timber boxes can bring an easy, rustic feel to every room. I've been collecting ideas for sometime now and made a few driftwood creations for friends and Elkhorn stall displays. It's a cheap and sometimes free way to decorate and adds a very individual touch. These are just some of the many 'natural woody' inspired images I've collected.  Most are from DIY projects so if you like them click on the image or description for how-to!

not sure if I'd be game to try this one myself (might burn the house down)
but it's so beautiful and an effective idea Birch Bark Lamps.
Imagine it wrapped with native Melaleuca bark giving off sweet tea tree smells.

 Cute rustic collections of chopping boards make a wonderful quirky
kitchen displays as well as old wine cartons positioned on -top of each
other as shelving or mounted to a wall as shown.

One amazing headboard... which I'm sure would have you dreaming of deserted islands, blue lagoon style. Probably one of the more challenging diy's
Love the simplicity of the neon painted tree branch hanging rail,
sea worthy head board and nifty kitchen roll 

I'm a huge fan of ladders in the bathroom or any space really. I like how they have
used painted timber up-rights on the timber ladder blending in with the walls while the found
branches add contrast and organic twist. 
Below are a couple of our own natural creations...

 feature driftwood supports added to our plywood box shelving
(photographed by Jillian Leiboff)

A heart shape driftwood sculpture I made as a gift for two special friends

 You may of seen our driftwood ladder at the markets.. usually hidden under scarves or table runners. Not the best image... but you get the idea!
What do you think? do you love adding wood/branches to your place?
Love to see how you might display your woody collections !?


  1. My partner says I can have the fence panel headboard. What's the source for the image? Not your house? Surely? To. Die. For.

    1. hi Kate, I wish that was my bedroom... I don't even have a headboard just an ensemble which has lots of potential I guess. I got the image from but have since found the original source is a gorgeous blog from a one creative lady! Worth a look. Let me know how you go on the head board!


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