Monday, March 19, 2012

Stalking Tiel

Lately I've been feeling like a bit of a stalker... partially intentional and happy coincidences keep drawing me to the captivating work of artist, illustrator and designer Tiel Seivl Keevers. I first came across Tiel's Etsy Store tsk tsk then I discovered her beautiful photos on Instagram (as tielsk) giving me a glimpse into her works in progress and Brisbane lifestyle. Since then I think I have now covered all bases finally visiting Tiel's inspiring blog. I love everything about her work, each piece is so different and unexpected. I love the surprising colour palette and wonderfully rich layers of organic forms. I definitely know I'm not the first to discover Tiel's work but I am so glad I did. Thanks Tiel for being so accommodating the times I contacted you! I hope to one day have my very own 'tsk tsk' art work to admire all day xx


  1. this is the nicest stalking post I've ever read.

    A big thank you for liking my work...really, it makes the down days so much easier to get through.

    1. Tiel it was a absolute pleasure! It's easy to write about such wonderful & inspiring work. Thank you xx

  2. Beautifully written. I hope to own a piece by Tiel one day {soonish!} x

  3. Quite possibly the prettiest 'stalking' post ever!

    I, too, am smitten with Tiel's beautiful creations...the fourth and fifth image above are just so captivating.

    So lovely to find your little space here!

    Ingrid x

    1. Thanks Ingrid!
      Sorry for the slow response!! I would have to say the 4th and 5th images are my favourites to... but I do love all Tiel's work :)
      Thanks so much for dropping by my blog! All your work is beautiful to!
      Monique x


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